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If my memories fail me, at least I can build new ones. (or possibly check my blog archive, to re-learn my history.)

Debugging Javascript In IE

Something nice for web developers I have been working on a large project recently involving multiple developers from around the world.  (I hope to post a link when we finish.)  And I got stuck with the wonderful job of Debugging Javascript/AJAX errors in IE.  For those of you who say "They have developer tools..." I laugh at you.  Compared to the tools for just about any other browser I can name, they offer the least helpful and least useful tools I have found.  For...

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Disapointed in Nintendo - DSi XL Rant

A review of the Nintendo DSi browser As a developer I get to see lots of people make really bad decisions, and I usually get to deal with them. I am VERY disappointed in Nintendo for the way they chose to have the browser work.  This is not a dig on Opera.  I'm a huge fan of Opera and I have followed them for about a year now, and so far I like what I've seen. (I use opera as my browser of choice daily.) I have been working on building mobile websites recently, and I got on...

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Launch eBook Site for Mobile Devices

My latest creation! It is a modest beginning... This is a simple site, with a single purpose.  I wanted to make some of the mobile devices I had function as an ebook reader. Unlike many people out there I don't have the money to waste on an iPhone, or Kindle (as much as I might like one...) But I do have a few older devices with an internet connection... THUS my ebook site was born.  I wanted an ebook site that I could use on a Nintendo DSi, or an old web capable cell phone. ...

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