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If my memories fail me, at least I can build new ones. (or possibly check my blog archive, to re-learn my history.)

Paying the Bills

An Ugly Internet I hate looking at good sites that get ruined by advertising.  That being said, I had to place ads on my UrT website this week, to make my site sustainable.  My site sees between 3,000 and 4,000 hits a week from UNIQUE visitors, and it chews through between 4 and 8 GB of my bandwidth every month.  Since my site has been running for almost 2 years now, and I have not had a single donation, by the many people who visit, use, and RE-visit my site... I have had to place...

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Joyful Doula - Launched

A new site by TaggedZi (aka me) I would like to announce the launch of my wife's new site: It has been several months since I have launched a website completely built by me.  But I have broken the dry spell.  I have 3 other sites I hope to launch soon.  Keep looking for new works! Enjoy!...

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Joyful Doula - Almost Ready

Ok, I've been quiet for a while.  Under a lot of stress and general ick of the holidays.  But that is over.  I am launching a new site this week!  The site is up and running now, but I am still doing the last round cleanup and allowing the client (my wonderful Kim), to add her content.  It should be ready soon and I will make a "REAL" announcement then. Yay! A new site for Get ready, it is coming hopefully we will officially LAUNCH it by...

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