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Minecraft Survial Guide

MineCraft Mining Check list This is what I pack when I'm going cave exploring or mining: Wear 1 set of the best armour you can afford to lose. 1x Sword (The best you have) 2x Pick-axe (The best you have) 1x Shovel (any kind will typically do) 1x Axe (only if you are in a dungeon and want the wood) 1x Bucket Water 1+ Empty Buckets 32x Meat like pork chops/steak/cooked fish 16x Signs 32x Ladders 64x Unprocessed wood 32x Wooden Fence 64+ Torches 64x Building block like dirt/cobblestone You can obviously carry more/less depending on needs. Dangers: 1. Death By Mobs. Creapers, Zombies, Skeletons and the occasional spider. To help mitigate the damages of Mobs. a. Unless you are well equipped and like combat, travel during the day. b. Work with others.  Your odds of survival go up with more people. c. If you have to make a dirt hut to hold up in until day light. d. Get armour as soon as possible. e. Close off unexplored (unlit) portions of cave with FENCE (or some other block you can distinguish.  This way all the MOBS that spawn in the dark are trapped in the parts of the cave they spawned in. And...

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Online Asteroid Calculator for Eve Online

Ok.  I am a programmer, and I love to game.  I was recently introduced to Eve Online.  If you don't know anything about it you should probably checkout their website, I don't think anything I can say will do it justice, other than it is a good MMORPG space trading game. Before you jump into this article, if you don't know about Eve Online or more specifically Asteroid mining in Eve Online, then this blog post probably won't be of any use to you.  But if you do play, you already understand the basics of mining, and you want to make the most ISK for your time...

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