TaggedZi.com - Site Under Re-Construction

TaggedZi.com is rebuilding and re-thinking, please come back and visit soon, but for now, any of the resources you were looking for have been removed. They may or may not be placed in the new site.


I still maintain the rights to MμCMS, however I am no longer maintaining the site or developing future enhancments.

TaggedZi's Urban Terror Oasis

The video game Urban Terror 4.0 by Frozen Sands is pretty old, and I no longer see much traffic on the site or find many people playing the game. I have removed my site. Good luck with the game.

Joyful Doula

Joyful Doula was run by my wife. She has not been mainting her site or her doula work. While still interested in the topic she has not been working as a doula, and the site has been pulled down.

Eve Asteroid Calculator

I haven't played Eve in a very long time, and the traffic on the site was VERY small. If you used the site I'm sorry, but I have removed it in an attemt to clean up my site. Also... Good luck.